Radiant Reader

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Oral Phonics, Jr. KG Reader (For children 4 to 6 years)

Course Period: 4 months, 16 Weeks Program

Total Duration: 48 Sessions, 3 sessions / Week

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Reading is important to independently gain knowledge. Age appropriate print exposure, sight word reading along with Phonics leads to a larger vocabulary & fluent reading skills.

Beginning with a revision of 42 phonic sounds and progresses to sight reading leading to a child word bank of 500+ words making her / him a radiant reader who can read short sentences and age appropriate text with understanding.

Weight 5.0 kg
Philosophy :

Whole Language Approach

Key Skills :

Phonics, 500+ words, Short Sentences

What will you learn ?

Phonic Sounds, Tricky Sounds, Sight Words, Short Sentences.

What will you get ?

Language kit for Radiant Reader and a Book

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