One Doodle Everyday – Enhancing Creativity

“One doodle everyday, enhances concentration, creativity and imagination”

One Doodle Everyday. Doodling / crayon dance
Doodling / Dancing Crayon

If you are looking at enhancing creativity in kids with time investment of just one minute everyday, begin with doodling. Doodling is simply scribbling aimlessly, but the spark of creativity occurs when one starts searching for familiar forms, shapes and objects. This is an endlessly ‘keep busy’ activity, if the child completes one doodle, encourage him / her to create one more and then find as many different things as he / she can. Remember to guide the child to avoid the same things found in the previous doodle.

Push a few steps ahead to enhance more creative thinking, concentration and imagination. Doodling enhances creativity, helps and works positively towards refreshment and recreation so, create one doodle everyday.

What would you need?

  • Crayons / colour pencils
  • Plain Paper
  • Soft instrumental music track ( on any device handy)

How to work with the material?

  • Inform the child that his / her crayon / pencil has to dance to the music they hear.
  • Ask your child to begin when the music begins and stop when the music stops. Also guide the child that it is important that the crayon dances without lifting
  • Encourage the child to help his / her crayon dance freely on the entire paper because children often doodle on the same spot.
  • Play soft instrumental music for about 30 seconds.
  • Child has to stop the dancing crayon on the paper.
  • Now, ask the child to search for shapes, forms and figures that look like different things. Child can add small features to describe findings. For example, fins for a fish, string for a kite can be drawn to complete their imagination and creative findings.
  • Encourage their imagination and tell them to use crayons to colour / shade the objects he / she found and name them.
  • If the child is able to write, let them write the names of the things they found besides their highlight.
  • One doodle everyday can also be helpful in venting out emotions of children, especially during any kind of stress.

Thrilling Variations:

  • Thrill children by having different paces and types of instrumental slow / fast / natural sounds / drums / guitar, etc.
  • Create one doodle everyday, but the child should asked ‘not’ to repeat the figures / objects he / she found in previous doodles.

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