“The art of teaching children is a science”

Curriculum Development

Curriculum development is our strength. We are experts in making a scientific, theory based yet implementable program plan. We ideate programs, construct the plan with finesse towards execution. Customization and personalized program planning are our key offerings.

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“Teaching is inspiring curiosity”

Teacher Training

Trained teachers are efficient in their implementation of curricular programs and also mindful of their classroom teaching methods. Activity based interactive training programs are our forte.

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“All about attitude, skills and knowledge”

Parent Workshop

Parenting is process of growing up with your own child. Parent workshop are interactive sessions addressing key concerns and trending topics in early childhood care and development. We catalyze the parental involvement process to in turn nurture the joyful relationship of home-school partnership.

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At Planet-E

Planet E, a team of talented professionals with expertise in the field of Early Childhood Care and Education.  Planet E, led by Dimple Chhotai has been working in the field of Early Childhood Care and Education developing and implementing quality educational  programs across the country.  

At Planet-E, a multidisciplinary panel of experts work on different types of programs and contents. Working with clients in diverse arena of business Planet-E liaisons with preschools, primary and secondary schools working with different boards, Non-Governmental Organizations – NGOs, various companies working on manufacturing of teaching aids, toys, games and technology integrated educational products for children.

Content development is our forte. We develop original content for preschool curriculum, worksheets and lesson plans based on scientific approaches of Early Childhood Care and Education.

If you are starting your own school, franchise chain… do see us once.